Our Mission

The center of our mission is the person, regardless of age or physical condition. Our equipment is designed to allow everyone to reach their goals and improve day after day.

Our vision is to motivate and empower everyone to become better than yesterday in their discipline. We accompany and support athletes on their way to success.

Our strengths

Since 2018, GladiatorFit has been providing sports equipment for B2C as well as B2B customers (gyms, public facilities, central purchasing and distribution).


More than 600 references

GladiatorFit offers a wide range of products: find your happiness among our different categories and according to your sport discipline.


Swiss quality products

The company is committed to providing quality products: our teams check the quality of each product in our warehouses in Switzerland and France before shipping.


Thousands of satisfied customers

Since its inception, GladiatorFit has satisfied thousands of customers and is constantly looking for ways to improve its service.

Our History

GladiatorFit, was born from a passion for sports and the desire to help everyone, regardless of their discipline, to improve and become better than yesterday.

Founded in 2018, GladiatorFit is growing each year to further its mission and offer a wide range of quality products.

Our equipment allows everyone, regardless of age, gender or sports training, to improve their physical condition and performance.

The Development

GladiatorFit started its operations in 2018 by selling about 20 products from the Fitness line and then year after year the brand has continued to expand its range. Recently, GladiatorFit has also acquired new markets and now offers its products throughout Europe.

We want to become a recognized leader in the field of strength and conditioning equipment. Step by step, we implement processes, practice self-assessment and peer review to achieve excellence.

Our Team

We are a team of sports and e-commerce enthusiasts who love to challenge ourselves. We are convinced that surpassing oneself is one of the keys to happiness.

Our structure of proximity allows us to be reactive and to listen to you, but also to adapt to any particular request.

Our Clients

GladiatorFit Sàrl focuses its development on a responsive customer service and considers customer satisfaction as its priority. The company is committed to providing quality products.

All our suppliers are certified and monitored to ensure that quality, productivity and cost objectives are met.

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