Club Kiwi

We are pleased to have loyal customers who order regularly and are also committed to the GladiatorFit brand. It is important for us to reward them and give them an active place in our adventure. In addition, we have set up the loyalty program: Kiwi.

Discover our mascot: Kiwi

As you can see on our website, and on our social networks, GladiatorFit has a new mascot, the cat Kiwi. Kiwi is our cat, and he has been with us since the beginning of the GladiatorFit adventure. Kiwi, always present in our offices, is our daily source of inspiration and motivation. And that's why we want you to know Kiwi so that it helps you stay motivated in a good mood and the pleasure of sport.

Kiwi's story

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Kiwi who lived in Switzerland. He was a very athletic, agile and fast cat. And like all cats, he had great ambitions for his future...

He wanted to become the partner of all sportsmen in his country and beyond. First, he convinced his master, Mr. Pürro, to launch his own brand of sporting goods: GladiatorFit.

Then he created a team of experts in sports product design who could test his ideas and distribute his products around the world, especially through the Internet.

Today and every day, Kiwi, always present in the offices of GladiatorFit, supervises his team in a good mood, assiduously tests the products to give you his opinion, writes to customers to advise you in the use of your equipment, ...

Points fidelites Kiwi

Illustration by
Clementine Rio

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Where to find Kiwi ?

Kiwi, at Gladiatorfit, is everywhere.

You will find it progressively in :

  • Our product sheets to explain why we created each product
  • In our blog to give you tips for using your equipment
  • Through our newsletters
  • On social networks to make you win gifts
  • Soon in your order packages
1 Mini minou 2


0 points

2 Super Cat 2


4’000 points

3 Maxi Matou 2


10’000 points

4 Wonder Felix 2


20’000 points

5 King Boss 2


30’000 points

How to earn Kiwi points?

  • For each CHF ordered on our site, you earn 1 Kiwi point
  • Earn 50 Kiwi points every day when you log in to your account.
  • Earn 1,000 Kiwi points for your first order.
  • Write your first review to earn 500 Kiwi points
  • Earn 200 Kiwi points for each additional notice.
  • Earn 200 Kiwi points for each sharing of our website on social networks.
  • Earn 500 Kiwi points for each order created by a friend.

What are the benefits?

  • 4'000 points : StrongKiwi level
    You get a 5% discount on all your orders
  • 10'000 points : MaxiKiwi level
    You get a 7% discount on all your orders
    You can participate in our private sales
  • 20'000 points : WonderKiwi level
    You get a 10% discount on all your orders
    You participate in the design of products
  • 30'000 points : KingKiwi level
    You get a 15% discount on all your orders
    You join the GladiatorFit Pro partner program

How to join the club?

It's very simple, you just have to create a free account! You will automatically get 1000 Kiwi points. So do yourself a favor, go to your Kiwi space in your account to start earning your points and benefits.