Pump fitness equipment focuses on low-weight loads and high-repetition movements, so you’ll burn fat and gain strength fast.

Fitness Pump

Pump fitness equipment focuses on low-weight loads and high-repetition movements, so you'll burn fat and gain strength fast.

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Our selection of Fitness Pump

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Fitness Pump

Equipment plays an essential role in energizing your Fitness Pump sessions, offering a variety of exercises and a personalized level of challenge. They allow you to vary your movements, target specific muscle groups and adapt your training to your level. These accessories intensify your sessions, encouraging progress and motivation. So, by incorporating the right equipment, you turn your Fitness Pump into a stimulating experience, maximizing results and maintaining enthusiasm at every session.

What is fitness pump or body pump?

Body Pump is a group fitness training program that combines strength training exercises with upbeat music. It was developed by Les Mills, a New Zealand company specializing in fitness classes. Body Pump training usually takes place in a gym or fitness studio and consists of a series of exercises using light to moderate dumbbells, targeting different muscle groups in the body.

What are the objectives of fitness pump or body pump?

  • Complete muscle strengthening: Body Pump aims to target all the major muscle groups in the body. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, biceps curls and other movements use a variety of muscles to promote harmonious development.

  • Muscle toning:
    By performing a large number of repetitions with moderate weights, the Body Pump encourages muscle toning. This creates a more defined, sculpted appearance, while avoiding excessive weight gain.

  • Improved muscular endurance:
    Body Pump's intense, rhythmic series of exercises help build muscular endurance. This allows muscles to work longer without tiring quickly.

  • Calorie burning:
    Body Pump sessions are energetic and stimulating, promoting calorie burning. Increased energy expenditure during and after training contributes to weight management.

  • Improved Functional Strength:
    Body Pump's functional movements, such as squats and lunges, improve strength that can be applied in everyday life, such as lifting objects or climbing stairs.

  • Cardiovascular training:
    Rhythm training to music accelerates the heart rate, offering benefits similar to a cardiovascular workout. This improves cardiorespiratory capacity.

Why use fitness pump equipment?

Using equipment as part of the Fitness Pump brings various benefits that can significantly enhance your training experience and results. Here are a few reasons why equipment is beneficial for fitness pumping:

  • Variety of exercises:
    The equipment allows you to introduce a wide variety of exercises into your fitness pump sessions. This avoids monotony, stimulates your interest and activates different muscle groups.

  • Progression:
    The equipment offers adjustable resistance levels, facilitating gradual progression. You can increase resistance as your strength and endurance improve, promoting continuous gains.

  • Muscle targeting :
    Some equipment allows you to target specific muscle groups. For example, elastic bands can strengthen the shoulders and triceps, while parallel bars are more effective on the upper body muscles.

  • Increased intensity:
    Equipment such as elastic bands or dumbbells add resistance, increasing the intensity of exercises. This accelerates progress and increases muscle development potential.

  • Advanced challenges:
    For advanced users, equipment allows you to explore more difficult variations of basic movements, such as push-ups, or add complementary exercises for extra challenges.

  • Comfort and safety:
    Certain equipment, such as floor mats, offer better support and minimize the risk of injury. Parallel bars help maintain correct posture during certain push-up variations.

  • Flexibility:
    Equipment is often compact and can be used at home, offering great flexibility for training at any time, without depending on access to a gym.

What equipment do I need for a fitness pump?

The fitness pump doesn't require much equipment, but some accessories can be used to add variety and intensity to your workout. Here's a list of equipment you'll need for fitness pumping:

  • Fitness mat:

    Provides extra comfort for your knees and hands during push-ups. It can also help protect your wrists.

  • Parallel bars:
    Also known as "dips bars", these allow you to do variations of push-ups such as handstand push-ups, dips (triceps work), and other calisthenics exercises.

  • Resistance elastics:
    Elastic bands are useful for adding resistance to your push-ups, which can be particularly useful for increasing workout intensity.

  • Dumbbells:
    Although not strictly necessary for the basic fitness pump, dumbbells can be used to add weight to your push-ups, creating an extra challenge.

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  • Watch or stopwatch:
    A stopwatch is useful for measuring the time you spend on each set or tracking your rest times.

  • Appropriate sportswear:
    Choose comfortable, well-fitting clothes that allow you to move freely.