Mainly used to work the shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands, clubbels can be used to perform hundreds of exercises that work the whole body.


Mainly used to work the shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands, clubbels can be used to perform hundreds of exercises that work the whole body.

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Our selection of Clubbels

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Clubbells, also known as "Indian sledgehammers", are club-shaped training aids that offer numerous fitness benefits.

Clubbells have a handle at one end and are available in a range of weights, from a few kilos to over 20 kilos.

This training tool can be used for a variety of bodybuilding exercises. It is often used in functional training programs to strengthen the body's muscles and improve coordination and balance. Clubbell movements can help develop functional strength, coordination, balance, mobility and flexibility.

Clubbell exercises can be used to work the arms, shoulders, back, core and legs, providing a full-body workout.

How do I use a clubbell?

  • Warm up properly
    before starting Clubbell training.
  • Choose the right weight according to your fitness level and training goals; start with a lighter weight and gradually increase the load as you gain strength and confidence.
  • Grasp the handle firmly with both hands, arms slightly bent.
  • Focus on the right technique for each movement and on breathing throughout the exercise.

  • Start with a small number of repetitions
    and gradually increase your training volume over time.
  • Work with a qualified trainer to help you develop proper technique and avoid injury.

The benefits of Clubbell training for different sports

Training with a Clubbell can be beneficial for many sports and disciplines, here are a few examples:

  • Bodybuilding:
    using Clubbells can help strengthen and develop muscles throughout the body, including arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs.
  • Martial arts: training with Clubbells can help improve strength, power, balance and coordination, essential skills in many forms of martial arts.
  • CrossFit: Clubbells can be used in CrossFit training to add variety and complexity to traditional weightlifting movements, while strengthening the whole body.

  • Swimming:
    Clubbells can help strengthen the muscles of the upper body, especially the shoulders, arms and back muscles, which are very much in demand when swimming. The movements performed with Clubbells can also improve shoulder flexibility and mobility, which can help prevent injury.

  • Tennis:
    Using Clubbells can help tennis players strengthen the muscles involved in service and smash movements, such as shoulders, arms and back muscles. Clubbells can also help improve stability and coordination, which is essential for precision movements and changes of direction. If you're looking for tennis equipment, check out the category here.

Buying a Clubbell: criteria to consider

  • Choose a clubbell with a comfortable grip.
  • Check that the Clubbell handle is slightly rough to prevent hands from slipping easily, even when wet with sweat.
  • Ensure that the underside of Clubbells is flat, allowing them to remain on a level surface without rolling when lying down.
  • Check the Clubbell's build quality and strength against the weight you've chosen.

What exercises can I do with a clubbell?

There are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed with a clubbell. Here are just a few examples:

  • Balancing:
    This exercise involves swinging the clubbell back and forth using shoulder, arm and abdominal muscles.

  • Reel:
    using the wrists and arms, this exercise consists of rotating the clubbell around the head.

  • Halo:
    Keeping your arms straight, this exercise involves twisting the clubbell around your head, passing through the back of your neck.

  • Developed:
    from the starting position, the clubbell is lifted overhead using shoulder, arm and abdominal muscles.
  • Squat: this exercise involves holding the clubbell to the chest while performing squats to work the leg and gluteal muscles.

  • Trunk rotation:
    Holding the clubbell with one hand, this exercise involves rotating the trunk from left to right to strengthen the abdominal and oblique muscles.

The Clubbell GladiatorFit

Metal clubbell: the slightly rough surface of the handle ensures a firm, comfortable grip for safe use. What's more, the weight is perfectly distributed to avoid any risk of imbalance when performing exercises. With Clubbell GladiatorFit, you can train with confidence!