Suspension straps allow you to work the whole body, strengthen your core and gain stability.

Suspension Straps

Suspension straps allow you to work the whole body, strengthen your core and gain stability.

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Suspension straps

Suspension straps are a very popular bodybuilding accessory due to their effectiveness and ease of use. It's a highly effective bodybuilding accessory for working the whole body, especially the abdominals and upper body. With this accessory, you train with your own body weight, enabling you to build up different muscle groups while improving coordination and mobility.

The advantages of suspension straps

  • Training wherever you are: The suspension straps are practical and lightweight, so you can take them with you wherever you go, whether at home, outdoors or on vacation.

  • Functional training:
    Suspension straps are ideal for functional training, which involves the whole body rather than focusing on isolated muscle groups. Functional training enables you to improve your general well-being, posture and mobility, by strengthening the deep muscles.

  • Variety of exercises:
    Suspension straps offer a wide variety of achievable exercises, making them ideal for strength, endurance, balance and coordination training.
  • Suitable for everyone: Suspension straps are simple to use, suitable for all fitness goals and levels, because you work with your own body weight.
  • Strengthening muscles: Suspension straps are highly effective for strengthening upper and lower body muscles, sheathing and sculpting the abdominal muscles. Used in circuit training, the straps provide a variety of motivating muscle-building and cardio-training exercises.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Bodyweight training guarantees effective strength training and greatly reduces the risk of injury. Suspension straps are an excellent choice for those seeking to avoid injuries associated with weight training with heavy loads.

Exercises with suspension straps

  1. Suspended push-ups: in plank position facing the ground, hands grasp strap handles. Then bend the arms to lower the body towards the ground, and return to the starting position by stretching the arms. You can also suspend your legs from the straps and perform push-ups on your hands or using the push-up handles. Don't hesitate to consult our handles and boards category for useful accessories for training at home.

  2. Hanging pull-ups:
    standing below the straps, grab the handles and flex the arms to lift the body towards the straps, then slowly lower back down.
  3. Hanging crunches: standing underneath the straps, with the handles held close to the shoulders, then bend the legs and lift the knees upwards while contracting the abdominals.
  4. Suspended lunges: one leg is placed in a strap, the other leg is bent to lower the body into a lunge. Then return to the starting position by pushing with the front leg.
  5. Suspended triceps extensions: Standing facing the straps, the handles are held behind the head with the arms flexed. The arms are then stretched upwards, keeping the elbows close to the ears.
  6. Suspended boards: with the board facing the ground, the feet are placed in the straps. Hold the position for a few seconds while contracting your abdominal and core muscles.

These exercises are just a selection of the many movements possible with suspension straps. It's important to follow the safety instructions and start with appropriate levels of difficulty to avoid injury.

The different types of suspension straps and accessories :

  • Adjustable nylon suspension straps bodybuilding training + bag: These suspension straps are made of sturdy nylon and feature foam handles for a comfortable grip. Training musculation adjustable nylon suspension straps are adjustable in length to allow a variety of exercises and can be used for weight training, strength and balance training. The included bag makes storage easy and convenient.
  • Suspension straps for abdominal exercises (set of 2): These suspension straps are specially designed for abdominal exercises and are sold in sets of two for simultaneous use. The abdominal suspension straps feature padded handles and can be adjusted in length to suit different body sizes and fitness levels. Possible exercises include hanging crunches, knee lifts and hanging obliques.
  • Xmount steel wall and ceiling mounting bracket for webbing anchorage: This mounting bracket is made of sturdy steel and can be fixed to wall or ceiling to provide a solid anchor for suspension straps. The Xmount steel wall and ceiling mounting bracket for webbing anchors is compatible with most models of suspension webbing, making it easy and safe to install in the home or hall. It comes complete with all the screws and bolts required for installation.