We offer boxing gloves for everyone, children and adults alike, and for all levels, from beginner to advanced. These gloves are suitable for a wide range of martial arts.


We offer boxing gloves for everyone, children and adults alike, and for all levels, from beginner to advanced. These gloves are suitable for a wide range of martial arts.

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Are you a beginner or an experienced boxer? Looking for comfortable, high-performance boxing gloves for safe training? Specializing in the sale of sports equipment, GladiatorFit offers a wide range of boxing gloves to suit all levels and budgets.

Why use boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are essential for all boxing disciplines. They limit the shock of blows and impacts caused by fighting.

  • Boxing gloves protect the boxer's hands

Boxing blows can cause hand injuries such as fractures, sprains and tendon damage. Boxing gloves absorb shock and distribute the force of the blow over a larger surface area, helping to protect the bones, joints and tendons of the hands.

  • Boxing gloves protect the boxer's opponents

Boxing blows can also cause serious injury to opponents. Boxing gloves absorb part of the force of the blow, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Boxing gloves help you control the power of your punches
  • Boxing gloves allow you to control the power of your blows. They cushion the impact, allowing you to strike harder without risking injury to yourself or your opponent.
  • Boxing gloves are a mandatory accessory for boxing.

Boxing gloves are mandatory for competitive boxing. It is also recommended for boxing training, to prevent injuries.

What are the different types of boxing gloves?

There are different types of boxing gloves depending on their use:

  • Bag striking gloves: These gloves are specially designed for bag striking. They are smaller and thinner. This gives the boxer speed, rhythm and efficiency in his movements.
  • Sparring gloves: These gloves feature thick, soft padding. They are used in training sessions where the aim is to minimize the damage inflicted on the opponent.
  • Mixed training gloves: These gloves are versatile. You can use it to hit a punching bag, for sparring or to work with bear claws.
  • Competition gloves: Competition gloves fall into two categories. There are amateur competition gloves, which are lighter. There are also professional competition gloves, which are even thinner and have very little padding. They are intended for single combat, as their padding deteriorates rapidly.

How to choose your boxing gloves?

Choosing the right boxing gloves is essential for comfort, safety and performance during training or competition. Here are a few points to consider when selecting the right boxing gloves for your needs:

  • Type of gloves : Define the main use of your gloves. Are they intended for punching bags, sparring, mixed training or competition? Each type of glove has its own characteristics.
  • Size and fit: Boxing gloves are available in different sizes, usually expressed in ounces (oz). Glove weight depends on your body weight and your discipline. For example, 12 oz to 16 oz gloves are commonly used for training, while competition gloves have specific specifications.
  • Material: Boxing gloves are generally made of leather or synthetic materials. High-quality leather is durable, but imitation leather gloves can be more economical. Make sure the material is of good quality to avoid premature wear.
  • Wrist support: Boxing gloves must offer good wrist support to prevent injury. Choose gloves with a wrist tightening system, such as straps or Velcro fasteners, for a secure fit.

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