CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games is a global CrossFit competition that brings together hundreds of thousands of people each year. The participants are classified by category in order to measure themselves against the others but the goal is above all to test oneself!

Qualification for the CrossFit Games is done in three stages: first the Open, then the Regionals, and finally the holy grail: the Games.

The road to the CrossFit Games begins with the World Open, the largest participatory sporting event on the planet. During the three weeks of competition, one event is posted online each Thursday, and athletes have four days to record and submit their scores. Anyone can participate in the Open – there really is no limit to participation, whether you are 14 or 84 years old, whether you are new to the sport or even if your CrossFit center is closed, you can still participate thanks to the different categories and especially this new category: No Gear!

Through the different WODs you will perform several movements: weightlifting, gymnastics, body weight, … which will allow you to identify your weaknesses. By participating in the different editions of the CrossFit Open, you will be able to compare your performance with the previous year. This will allow you to see your progress.

Simply put, the Open is an open competition that takes place all over the world. It’s a true test of fitness that highlights everything we love about CrossFit: Community, hard work, progress, records and camaraderie.

If you pass the Open qualifiers, you can take part in the Regionals, which take place over 3 weekends in May and June. Several regions are grouped together, forming 8 groups, and their best athletes compete for the 5 qualifying spots in each group for the CrossFit Games.

Once qualified, all you have to do is continue to train to be ready for the big day when the tests are announced…

This year, the CrossFit Games will take place from August 4 to 7. You can follow them live on YouTube, on the CrossFit Games.

Nunzia Koenig

Coach at
CrossFit Riviera
CrossFit Games participant and athlete at GladiatorFit:

Nunzia is participating this year in the Crossfit Games competition in the Master 50 plus category. She explains that she does not change her training to prepare for the competition but continues to follow her classic training program of five 2-hour workouts per week plus endurance training.

Regarding her diet, as a nutrition coach, Nunzia knows her needs very well and follows a healthy and balanced diet by loading more before the competition (extra carbohydrates). Finally, the crossfitter, we share aiming for a top 100 after having already reached the quarterfinals which means that she was selected among 116 athletes out of 5500 registered.

We wish good luck to all the athletes participating in these competitions and congratulate them in advance for their performances!

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